Wednesday, December 31, 2008


oh my goodness there is just something about a brand new baby...
i was so lucky to be able to go see my friend erin's day old baby in the hospital.

this little wonderful is perfect in every way. just look at those sweet cheeks.

his mama is a total natural.

look at those little feet. just stop that liam. you are making me miss having a baby.

this is the proud papa. he is day dreaming about this son someday being a soccer star.

look at that perfect little family. i think they should have a lot of kids don't you?!

welcome to the world little man. i have a feeling you are going to do your part to make it just that much better!

i asked my friend erin if she might be kind enough to hide that baby from my husband.

she didn't take me seriously. she invited us over and both lucy and my husband are now hooked on babies! erin what have you done to me!!?? i don't think i am ever going to hear the end of it now.

but then i show my husband this pictures. see don't you remember how they cry all the time. your(i'm) up all night.

but who am i kidding. he is even adorable when he cries.


Emily said...

He sure is cute! Just have Trav volunteer to watch him for just one should help cure his baby cravings.:)

Emily said...

ps can you find your phone? i just tried to call...:)

call me when you get a chance! I need to pick your brain about a few things!

Em Russ said...

tell Travis I said he's "broody!!"

Janas Bananas said...

I think there is never a day you will never not love babies and want to have one after you hold a brand new one...They are really the best little things out there. If I could have them and not be deathly ill and they would stay babies I would have ton of them..But they grow into 11 year olds.....Sooooo.....Are youtrying to tell us somthing??? ;)

jeff and pam said...

oh my gosh. . . that baby almost makes ME want to have another baby. he is sooo beautiful! congrats to Erin and her family!

Kelly Munns said...

hahaha those cheeks are amazing! how much did he weigh?! what a cutie. and yes, they should have lots and lots of babies. poor tanya. are they going to talk you into it? i can see you having two for the rest of your life...i'm here for ya. let me know when you need to rally the troops!

chelsea said...

He is way cute!