Sunday, October 05, 2008

an experience i never want to forget

i want to share a wonderful event that has blessed our little family.
the girl in white is samantha. a single mom who wanted a better life for her and her son. she went to our church website and asked for the missionaries (far left and far right) to come and teach her about our church.
we had the opportunity to have her and the missionaries come into our home while samantha was taught about our beliefs.
she accepted the beliefs and changed her life immediately. she quit going to bars and drinking as soon as the missionaries taught her about it.
she can't stop smiling and feels a "tingling" that she keeps thinking will go away and hasn't.
she cried when she learned about eternal families and wants her family to be forever as well.
she was baptized into our church and it was such a sweet thing to watch.
it is an amazing thing to be able to watch a persons life completely change for the good in such a short time.
if anyone has questions about my faith i would gladly answer. i cannot imagine my life without it! you can also go to our church website to learn more.

(my little family on the left, our good friends the copes next to me(samantha was taught in there home as well), sam, & the missionaries on the right)


Wendy D said...

Wow Tanya that must be really dear to you. I wish I had the courage to be more open with my beliefs. It's such a difficult thing for me. Defintely an amazing example that I'd like to follow

Megan Marie said...

I am so happy for Samantha and her family! She is beautiful in those pictures! The gospel guides me every day and I can't imagine where I would be without it. Your story makes me want to share what I know so that I can help people to find the joy that I have!

Ashby Family said...

I've been wondering how you this went with the baptism! I love the pictures (I guess she aggreed to be photographed after all!:) What a blessing for all to be a part of such a great experience. Amazing. You guys rock.

PS Trav looks so handsome & like such a good dad in the 2nd picture!:)

Daisha said...

What a neat experience. I wish we, well I couldahve them more often!

ang said...

thanks for sharing that--makes me want to do more...