Friday, September 19, 2008

where i was.....

auntie tanya is an aunt again! for those of you who don't know i have 5 nephews! love 'em all! this newest addition is little aidan ashby. he is a sweet little guy. i was in utah all last week because of this little tiger.

here is big brother ethan giving little aidan a little smooch

i can't believe i caught this smile on camera. he has only smiled a few times!

he is sick of me taking pictures at this point. "come on aunt tanya i am going to be blind from all of these flashes."

"ok not funny anymore."

"ok that's it! i have had enough!"

"i can't believe you snuck this picture in while i was asleep."


Abby said...

What a darling baby! And those are great pictures, too. You are quite the photographer!

Kelly Munns said...

finally a picture of you!!! ok but seriously, that little guy is such a baby for emily! he looks like he fits right in with their family...and for heaven's sake that ethan is such a doll i can't even begin to think what that little aiden will do to the hearts of ladies everywhere! super cute baby and that smile is to die for! how fun!

Ashby Family said...

what a chunker!! thanks again for everything Tan. Love the picts.

chelsea said...

I LOVE the first picture.