Saturday, August 16, 2008

there's no place like home

we just got back from 5 days in the bahamas!
travis qualified for a company trip to a resort called the Atlantas. you may have seen it on the travel channel. that is where i had heard about it. this is the 4th trip he has qualified for since we have been married. he is good at what he does.
i forgot my camera on this trip! i couldn't believe myself. my parents were kind enough to let me borrow theirs but i only took 3 pictures while we were there. lame!

the ocean right off the beach. i took this from the airplane window.

we thought the kids would like to see a picture of this horse. our judgement was scewed from all the sun i think :o)

k so this is a picture of one of the waterslides. on this waterslide you come out at the end into a shark tank. k not even funny not even fun.

this is not a picture of me because this woman has her eyes open and is enjoying herself. when we went, i was sitting in a double tube with travis, and i was in the front. he did not know my eyes were closed. i was doing lamaze breathing trying to talk myself from going into a panic attack when travis says, "tanya look at that shark, it is sitting right above us on top of the slide!" my hands started shaking and i yelled at him to be quiet :o)

the kids split time at both grandparents house. we didn't get in till late last night so we had to wait to see the kids in the morning. when they woke up they were so excited to see us. here is travis giving them their gifst. lucy about peed her pants when she saw the stuffed nemo.....and yes we gave them candy at 7 am.

they actually had a blast without us. didn't even miss us till the last night!


chelsea said...

Sweet little things. I miss those kids. Those pictures look so cool. It looks like a whole different world.

Kelly Munns said...

hahaha i love it. atlantis sure does look fun...and i'll admit that i think that shark ride would be freaky...but freaky fun! glad you're back. i've missed you!!!

Em Russ said...

I love the horse picture!! We went on a cruise to the bahamas for our honeymoon. We walked through Atlantis and it was amazing! I'm totally jealous. Glad the sharks didn't get to you!!

RaeAnn said...

oh my goodness. i love the bahamas! yay for you for going for FREE! and bad for you for picture slacking...i guess you probably had better things to do than pose for strangers. CRAZY sharks.

The Andrews said...

How AWESOME!!! We are still looking forward to our 1st trip without the kids...who knows when...hopefully sometime! Sounds like you had a blast and got a great tan. I would have had a heart attack with the sharks also...not fun at all!

Chris and Deveney said...

wow, looks like a fun vacation! i have heard that atlantis is awesome, not so sure about the shark ride!

Ryan and Alecia said...

How fun for you! Except for the shark thing... that is crazy. We walked through that hotel when we were there but I didn't know it has that.

jeff and pam said...

ahhh you are so funny!! Loved it. I totally saw your freak out face in my mind. . . I think I would have peed. . . from laughing. . . OHH and the horse? yes, hilarious. loved it!

Megan Marie said...

I think 7 am is the best time of the day for candy! haha. The shark thing would have really scared me, too. I'm glad you guys had fun!