Monday, August 04, 2008

boise baby!

last weekend lucy and i headed to boise for a BYU-I college roomate reunion! all six of us were reunited after 8 years! i just love these girls! from the top left: pam, lyndsie, whitney, raeann, me, & kelly at the bottom left. there were also a few more husbands and kiddos.

we had a pool party and a bbq!

here we are at dinner! not much has changed in the last 7 years. these girls are still as fun as ever! it was so great to see these girls again and remember why i love each of them.

we had a gift exchange that was too much fun. here lucy is with her favorite new friend whitney,
and lyndsie with her sweet little most wonderful little doll emerson.

pam and i, just like the good ol days, except for this time we weren't up to no good.

* sorry you will just have to deal with all of the black & white posts. i am having too much fun messing with photoshop :o)


Court and Brade said...

Hey! I am coming to Portland with my mom and Grandma for my cousins wedding. How far away do you guys live from Portland? We will be there I think just Friday til Sunday... then we are off to Washington. We have a wedding dinner Friday night, then of course wedding stuff all day Saturday. So I know we will be busy, but I just wanted to see how far away you guys live... and IF POSSIBLE I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see ya! let me know. email or comment or you can call me 435 770 3089

Suzette Coates said...

Hey T,

Yall look so good. I wish I could come hang out with you again. I have talked about getting together with everyone but it never happens. GOOD for Yall for making it happen. I miss your little man and I love reading about your family. You are the coolest mom and everytime I read your blog I feel as if you are talking. I can hear you tell the stories to me as if you were sitting on the coach telling me in person. I loved hearing about all your wild stories and fun times and what I remembered most was you laughing about it as you told it.

Miss ya and Love ya tons.
Your buddy

Lyndsie said...

when can we do it again?? i'll be in charge next time...i'm already counting down!