Saturday, June 21, 2008

My Brother is SO lucky!

My brother made it to the West Indies! So exciting. He is LOVING it there. He is an island boy now. I am SO jealous. He says they speak a very thick "Jamaican" like accent. He is working very hard and said the people are so easy to love.

What!!?? You don't know where the West Indies are? Either did we! Here is a map to help.

A picture I got off website. Check it out!

Elder Risenmay is front row 3rd from the right

Far left back row

Far left


Megan Marie said...

that is sooooo exciting! I'm pumped for Wesley! Yaya!

Ashby Family said...

Go Elder Risenmay! He looks great. Maybe we should all take a little vacation there and check it out.:)
Thanks for posting the picts.