Wednesday, April 23, 2008

craft idea

what you need...ribbon, hair clips, glue gun, fake flowers, glue on crystals(click on the pictures to make them bigger)
Cut a piece of ribbon and glue from one end to the other

Glue ribbon to the clip starting at the inside of the clip

Bring ribbon all of the way around to the other side

You can use flowers in a bunch(just cut them from the bunch) or you can use flowers from the scrapbook section that are already apart.

Glue petals layer by layer. Get creative with your layers. Glue flowers to the top of the hairclip! I added crystals to the middle of the flowers to give it some extra bling. Lucy loves bling.

p.s. for all those bald beauties out there....instead of a hair clip, cut a stip of nylon(you can just use a pair you don't wear anymore) a little shorter than the measurment of your babies head. glue ends together. cover where you glued the ends together with a glued on flower like we did above.


Unknown said...

They turned out so cute! And lucy's hair looks good too. you're a miracle worker. can't wait to see more from the craft/sewing corner. I think its great!

Em Russ said...

Totally cute Tanya! I can't wait to see what else you come up with and I definitely want in your contest. I also love those pictures of your kids with the new camera. What kind did you get??

aunt choody said...

That is seriously so awesome. I love the step by step pictures (for the verbal-visually challenged like me.)